Breaking through new glass ceilings.

Continued learning for graduates of Part 1, Part 2 and Masterful Living.

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$395 (save $590)
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sustainability of transformation

The Gratitude Thrive program is designed to support graduates of Part 1, Part 2 & Masterful Living in staying connected to the community and having the coaching tools available and accessible through the work of transformation.


Let’s face it! Although the Gratitude Training, due to the experiential nature of the program, is far more sustainable than many other workshops out there, the drift is still strong.  Any time we take ourselves to a new level in any area, there is always the possibility of slipping into old ways and the ego can get the better of us. Life continuously brings us new challenges. Those challenges demand that we reinvent and redesign ourselves in order to succeed. Gratitude Thrive is designed to support you on this journey.


There are 3 levels of participation in the Gratitude Thrive program. Members pick the level that best supports them in staying connected to the work, the community and the vision of a Transformed World Now!

  • The Gratitude Thrive program is an annual membership program.


  • There are no refunds.  


  • Any workshops or offered packages are ONLY available to the person subscribing. You may not transfer any part of your program to another individual.


  • You have 1 year to complete what is offered, there are no “carry-overs” to the next year.