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What our Graduates Say

Matthew John

Masterful Living 16

Gratitude Training is by far the most empowering program I've ever experienced. Beyond self-help and personal development, it delivers a tangible transformation that has me standing fully in my power with a freedom to love, learn, and share gifts I didn't know existed and and create relationships I didn't know were possible.

Jamie Salsberg

Masterful Living 11

I could mention graduating my masters with a 4.0, landing my dream job, or amazing relationships I never thought possible, and this would not do my Gratitude Training journey justice. The true gift was my awakening as a light warrior. I now have a new life where I recognize my smallness as part of a unified wholeness, and my greatness as the divine light that is me.

Steve Feldman & Pam Feinberg-Rivkin

Gratitude Training for their employees

We have invested in our employees to attend the Gratitude Trainings.  This decision and these trainings have made a profoundly positive impact on our company.  Each one of our employees that have attended the trainings have undergone noticeable and measurable positive impact.  After completing the trainings we have observed our employees are open to receive feedback and to provide clear, constructive and concise feedback to others. Their communication and ability to make requests has improved significantly. We have noticed a new level of strategic thinking and being solution oriented. Part 1 has been really eye opening for anyone who has attended from our company, Part 2 began to create change and Part 3 (Masterful Living) has had that change become transformation and part of our office culture.  

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