Get clear on your vision for the world and examine five principles to live by in order to manifest it. Reimagine the way you think, believe and act.

It is a journey to your highest self!


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This course is for... 

Individuals that know somewhere deep inside that they have what it takes to be a change maker, that catalyst for transformation and peace in the world. 

It is also for people that are ready to connect with the joy that comes with living a life full of purpose.

What you will get from this course...

  • Identify the unique contribution you are to the world. 
  • Start experiencing a sense of freedom in your life.
  • Master your thinking and become impeccable with your thoughts.
  • Examine five principals to live by in order to have your vision manifest.
  • See everything as a possibility and potential for transformation.
  • Experience trust on a deeper level.
  • Be part of the solution rather that the problem.
  • Connect with your most effective self.


A profound journey of awakening where you will have an opportunity to learn how to master your thinking. As a result, you will begin to respond, rather than react, to life. 
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Course Curriculum

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Lisa Madison

"Having done so much work over the years in the transformation arena, I wasn't sure what else I could really learn......AND HOLY MOLY! The savvy examples she used brought the distinctions to life in a brand new way for me."

Sev Sanders

"The use of select, carefully chosen audio/visual materials & technology added so much depth and layer upon layer of value. It was very professionally facilitated. The flow was structured, but not rigid. It was blended smoothly and well-balanced."