A Live Online Experience

Shift into Positivity & Possibility

In the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, now, more than ever, we are in need of powerful, balanced leadership in our homes, our communities, and the world. The Shift Training is a 2-day powerful online, experiential, and interactive journey. Designed to support you in shifting your mindset, strategies, and perspective, Shift will train you to become agile and act from a place of leadership, regardless of circumstance. Employing engaging dynamics, social interaction, connection, and a supportive environment, the Shift Training will provide you with tools that will make an enduring impact in your life.

Shift is for people who realize that now, more than ever, is the time to further develop the skillsets required to navigate personal, family, community, and global change while also managing the emotional roller coaster that we are currently facing as a species.

Exercises and experiences of the Shift Training include one-on-one sharing, small group interactions, games, and guided visualizations. The sessions are engaging, fun, and impactful – time will fly by as you design your future and move past what’s holding you back. Shift will provide you with tools and perspectives that can transform your experience and your results.

June 27 - 28

General Public:  $295

ML and Current Grads: $195

What to Expect


  • Identifying your strengths and personal challenges at this time

  • Turning extreme circumstances into an opportunity in your life

  • Seeing possibilities in the chaos and creating an unprecedented future

  • Maintaining joy in the face of adversity


  • Provide tools and techniques for managing stress and handling breakdowns

  • Train you on how to emotionally reset

  • Embrace change and let go of the past



9 - 10 am (Registration)
10 - 6 pm (Day 1 Training)



9 - 10 am (Arrival Period)
10 - 6 pm (Day 2 Training)
6 - 6:30 pm (Celebration)


There will be breaks throughout each day. End times are approximate. In order to start the training on time, we suggest you login well start and end times are approximate.

An Online Immersive Journey


The Shift Training will be led by world-class trainers, and is virtual only, which means it is online and accessible via internet. It is a real-time, live experience. We will be using a video-conferencing software designed for group interactions.



In addition to lectures led by a primary facilitator, you will have a Gratitude Training Power Group (a small group with other students) and a Gratitude Training handpicked Power Group coach, which will act as a support system. There will be Power Group breakouts during the training. You and your Power Group will remain in place after the training, with a follow up virtual group coaching call.



Shift is similar in energy and style to our in-person Part 1 Training, but is an entirely different training. It is not an online version of Part 1, but its own distinct training, and features unique exercises, new aspects, and is valuable for those who have never done any of our transformational work before, as well as those who have completed our entire in-person curriculum. It is a great refresher for our graduates, especially in these remarkable times.

June 27 - 28

General Public:  $295

ML and Current Grads: $195



  • You must be at least 18 years of age to participate in the Shift Training.

  • The trainings are suitable for all education levels, experience levels, and fields of work. The soft skills training we provide is useful in all areas of life. We are inclusive. We welcome all nationalities, genders, religions, orientations and political affiliations. Open-mindedness is embraced.

  • All online forms must be complete before the start of the training. These forms will be immediately available through your online portal once you are registered. They should only take a few minutes to complete, but there may be follow up actions required, so we suggest you start immediately or as soon as possible.

  • After enrolling in the Shift Training through our online portal, you must confirm your spot on the roster for your selected Shift Training in a brief confirmation call with our team. These calls not only reserve your spot – they are designed to support you in clarifying the direct results you would like to achieve, as well as answer any questions you may have. We will reach out to you to schedule, or you can simply use the link in the email you will receive after enrolling.




  • The Shift Training is entirely online. We recommend the following technical and spacial setup: a reliable internet speed of at least 4 Mbps, a laptop or desktop computer with webcam, headphones if others with you in your home, a quiet and private space.

  • All Gratitude Trainings have built in restroom and meal breaks. Attendees are encouraged to have water bottles and snacks ready, even though online, so you can have your full attention on the training.

  • Participants should dress comfortably, while still putting their best foot forward. 

  • Participants will be given homework to be completed when the training is not in session. We advise students to avoid making evening plans or attempting to attend to work during training days.

  • Ending times are approximate and can be earlier or later than scheduled due to the organic nature of the training.




  • This is an immersive experience, unlike a conference or seminar. Participation generates value and full commitment creates maximum results. Missing significant stretches of time or certain exercises will preclude completion of the training.

  • Cell phones will be be asked to be turned off during the training, but can be checked during the regular breaks.

June 27 - 28

General Public:  $295

ML and Current Grads: $195