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CATALYST FOR CANGE is an 8-week change-maker curriculum that will catapult your life towards your own personal goals and as a result, through your vision, the world will benefit.

This course is the second level of our Creative Peacemaker curriculum and is intended for those that already have their lives working, yet need that extra push, tools and support to become a bigger contribution to life itself.

We are committed to inspire, create and transform a new generation of change makers that are willing to give whatever it takes to make this world a better place. 


  • Our prior Leadership curriculum, Gratitude Training, consisted of 21 days of facilitator led trainings in a training room over 4 months, about 240 hours if you include travel time. 


    The Source Movement Course is 8 hours and Catalyst for Change is 16 hours for a total of 24 hours over 4 months. That is 10% of the time. 

    I am confident, that if you apply the teachings and put the work in, you can absolutely create the same value, if not more. And here is why...our in-room training is experiential. What this means is that in many cases we “simulate” environments or events that will highlight how you think, what you believe, and how you act. Exercises simulate environments where we face mortality, division, prejudice, war, fear etc

    Today our daily life consist of these scenarios. We don’t even need to simulate tough experiences. We are already in it. 

    It is my belief what is needed at this moment in time, is leaders that know how to be the guiding light for everyone in their presence and beyond. This can be easily created by unveiling the distinctions, concepts and tools that will have you thrive as a Creative Peacemaker who is present, authentic, contributing and most importantly, a beacon of light, even in the dimmest of situations. 

    That is why you want to take catalyst for change, not to add more stuff to your plate, but rather be guided to create more time to do and be who you authentically are. 

  • No returns or refunds.

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