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What People Are Saying:

This book is so enlightening into how much control we have of our own lives. We are stuck in beliefs and perceptions that we build up from childhood on. This book shows you how they are entirely false and do not represent who you really are. This book can transform your life! It is well worth reading and goes very fast because the style is conversational.

Elaine Terner

Jo Englesson provides an simple path to achieving our dreams and our vision. Her conversational writing style is a refreshing break from the usual self help books in that my experience in reading the book was like she was sitting down over coffee and we were discussing what it necessary to achieve our goals. It is a must read for anyone who is focused on improving their lives and the lives of those around them.

Ray Hastie

Source Movement by Jo Englesson is an insightful workbook that explains five principles that constitute a framework for understanding the basic concepts of breakthrough living. The author explains dense concepts in an exceptionally friendly conversational tone combined with creative, reflective exercises that personalize the reading experience. Each principle is a mega-topic in itself illuminating the essential meaning towards conceiving of oneself as capable, engaged, and generative of creating world peace in this well-constructed jam-packed gem. I highly recommend this book especially if you have ever pondered where to begin making an exceptional difference in our world!


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