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Because it is more than a feeling—it's a transformative virtue. Gratitude invites us to look within, shaping our perception of the world into one that sees every circumstance as perfect, whole, and complete. It's a surrender to the present, acknowledging the perfection of what is. This conscious choice filters our experiences, guiding us to appreciate the intricate design of life, dissolving the barriers of time and place.

By cultivating gratitude, we stand in a state of profound appreciation that transcends comparisons and expectations. It's an active declaration, a re-imagination that allows us to redesign our reality. This profound practice has the power to ripple outwards, forging peace in every corner of the globe. Embracing gratitude in its fullness can end divisions, heal suffering, and transform our collective existence. Imagine a world where gratitude is mastered—where war and strife give way to unity and serenity. That is the world we endeavor to create.

Not just a regular Mastermind.


Step into a space where personal growth meets purposeful action. Our Mastermind isn't just about achieving individual success; it's a commitment to contribute to something greater—the betterment of our world. In this circle, your personal journey intertwines with the collective good, where every member not only strives for their own goals but also champions the causes that matter.

Here, we deal with the realities of life head-on, in a space that values openness and collective wisdom. It's more than a group; it's a movement of mindful individuals dedicated to making a difference. Together, we tackle everyday challenges, leveraging our shared experiences to create solutions that resonate beyond our circle, into the wider world.

As part of this Mastermind, you're pledging to share your journey and insights for the upliftment of all. It's a place where your development is part of a larger story, a narrative where every success contributes to a legacy of change. Join us in this commitment to growth, generosity, and action. Here, we don't just dream of a better world—we actively shape it, together. Welcome to a Mastermind for change.

The Context. Our Pillars.


Embracing the present moment is the cornerstone of gratitude and the key to awareness. We will focus on developing individual mindfulness practices that allow us to acknowledge and appreciate the 'now'. This will enhance our capacity for gratitude and learn to see abundance in the simplicity of being.


Understanding the nuanced difference between gratitude as a state of being and thankfulness as a reaction to circumstances helps deepen our emotional intelligence. This pillar explores how to transition from occasional thankfulness to a consistent, all-encompassing sense of gratitude and appreciation for the whole.


Here, we delve into gratitude's role as a transformative force that fosters inner peace and extends outward to create harmony in the world around us. Drawing from the Stoic idea of inner tranquility and ACIM’s vision of universal peace, we investigate how gratitude can dissolve barriers and heal divisions both personally and globally.


Utilizing the art of making distinctions as taught in the GRATITDUE context, this pillar concentrates on identifying and releasing limiting beliefs that obstruct peace and gratitude. We use gratitude as a tool for personal growth, embracing it as a means to see the perfection in all things and to reframe our life experiences positively.


Forgiveness is integral to the practice of gratitude. This pillar emphasizes the liberating power of forgiveness, allowing for the release of past grievances and the embracing of gratitude. In sync with Stoicism's focus on controlling our responses, forgiveness is seen as essential to living with a grateful heart. We will explore forgiveness from a context of giving forth love and grace.


True gratitude moves us to action. This pillar explores the value of committed action and embodies the Stoic virtue of practical wisdom and A Course in Miracles call to be agents of love. We translate gratitude into concrete acts that enhance our lives and the lives of others, realizing that living gratefully is an active choice and commitment to the betterment of our shared human experience.



The GRATITUDE MASTERMIND is more than a peer-to-peer accountability and mentoring group; it's an invitation to explore the depths of your soul, redefine your purpose, and live a life filled with peace. Cultivating Gratitude on a deep level will get us there. Join this profound journey and let the transformation begin.




...but some call me Jo Gratitude :)

Most know me as the founder of Gratitude Training and the visionary behind the Token of Appreciation movement. Yet, I am more than a title or a role—I am a seeker, a visionary, and an instigator of joy and peace, much like you are beyond the labels society assigns.

In the boxes society creates, gratitude often gets overlooked, yet it's the golden thread weaving through every aspect of our being, binding us to the richest experiences life offers. Let's step out of those boxes and into a life where gratitude is not just an occasional guest but a permanent, honored resident in our hearts.

Join me, Jo Englesson, on a journey where self-love and accountability meets the transformative power of gratitude, where self-discovery unfolds the map to our most profound potential, and where unapologetic confidence arises from recognizing our intrinsic value and the contribution that we are. Together, we'll explore how gratitude lights up paths to peace—both within us and in the world at large.

With over 20,000 lives transformed through my in-person Gratitude Trainings and countless more connected virtually, my experience has shown me the undeniable power gratitude holds to change minds, hearts, and outcomes. As we navigate this mastermind together, we'll delve deep into gratitude's role in personal joy and global harmony, all while constructing the fulfilling life we each deserve to lead.

This journey of transformation is yours for the taking. Gratitude is our guide, our shared language of peace, as we break free from who we think we should be and embrace the abundance of who we truly are.

"I use the tools I learned from this mastermind daily. When I miss a few weeks, I find myself slipping into old habits and moods. It's an opportunity to be accountable and present to myself and therefore others."

Beverly Lomer

"I look forward to these sessions every week. Sometimes it feels like going down the rabbit hole, yet with a knowing I will find Peace at the end. Jo is an amazing facilitator often sharing her own trials and tribulations."

Petra Summers


If any of this is you, I invite you to join!​

​Craving Connection: Are you yearning for connections with like-minded individuals who share your transformative journey?

Passionate Purpose: Do you passionately believe you are an integral part of bringing peace to your life and our world but find obstacles in your own path?

Transformational Journey: Have you engaged in transformational work but feel alone or disconnected from the tools in your journey? Are you simply surviving rather than creating?

Continuous Growth: Do you recognize the power of continuous connection with an awakened group to thrive and create results effortlessly and joyously?

Energy in Motion: Feel energy moving within you but lack a sounding board or guidance to make sense of it all?

Budget Conscious: Have you considered therapy, self-help classes or coaching but hesitated due to budget constraints or skepticism? GRATITUDE MASTERMIND is your affordable and transformative alternative.

Join us in this journey of self-discovery, contribution, connection, and peace-building.

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