8-week online course with Jo Englesson

Be the Catalyst for Change... your relationships your family your love life your community the office your career your bank account the world!



This course is a journey to your highest self. You will identify the unique contribution you are to the world. Here is an outline of the curriculum:


"You will learn nothing"

  • Get connected to what you already intuitively know

  • Explore the Law of Mentalism and begin to apply it in your life

  • Identify what your Most Effective Self is

  • Find out what it means to Live Peace 



  • Get crystal clear on your vision for the world

  • Look at how you mentally frame your vision

  • Climb the Stairway to Heaven in a visual meditation

  • Explore the formula for success and begin to apply the tools in your life


"You are always in Integrity"

  • Identify your principles and live by them

  • Explore three levels of Integrity

  • Take an Integrity Test and uncover where your life is unaligned with your vision

  • Get a new tool that will profoundly change how you see yourself


"Are you 'in it' or 'of it'?

  • Explore a new way of looking at Responsibility

  • Share and contribute in a Mastermind Session

  • Begin to practice looking at all events from a space of "I do not know what anything is for" and ask yourself the right questions to respond rather than react


"I am Grateful for everything"

  • Discover three versions of Gratitude, all happening in different time spaces -- past, present & future

  • Use critical thinking to respond to a video by Abraham-Hicks

  • Try on Eckhart Tolle's notion that there is no such thing as your life


"It is in Service that I can fully surrender"

  • Look at Gandhi's view of service

  • How does the survival context inhibit us from being in service fully?

  • Explore Abraham-Hicks notion on service

  • What does it mean to pay it forward


"Transformation happens in relationships"

  • How do we navigate in a world of relation?

  • What is the difference between a cult and a community?

  • How do we all get along effectively?


"Be the Catalyst for Change"

  • Review of what you've created as a result of the course

  • Graduation

  • Earn the title of Creative Peacemaker and BE the catalyst for change in the world!


I am committed to creating a world that is peaceful, joyous, and filled with gratitude. A world where my children will grow up excited to be alive and be a contribution to their surrounding. Today our world looks different than what my vision holds. We have shootings, terror attacks, wars, division and now, a pandemic and economic hardships. 


We are living in very uncertain times.  

It is now, more than ever, up to each of us individually how we shape our future. We have everything it takes to transform our own lives and as a result the world. Everything we do matters, we all matter. The fundamental idea is to begin to operate from: "The way I am and what I do will have a profound impact everywhere."  

You will work together to begin a movement where you become the catalysts for change to occur.


- Jo Englesson

  • Identify the unique contribution you are to the world

  • Start experiencing a sense of freedom in your life

  • Mastering your thinking and becoming impeccable with your thoughts

  • Examine five principles to live by in order to have your vision manifest

  • See everything as a possibility and potential for transformation

  • Experience Trust on a deeper level

  • Be part of the solution rather that the problem

  • Connect with your most effective self


Jo Englesson shares her experience and successes with the intention that  everyone has a choice to wake up every day excited and ready to live a life of no regrets. She outlines the main principles by which she lived to generate extraordinary results: Integrity, Responsibility, Gratitude, Service, and Community. What is possible when we all take responsibility to create a world that works for everyone? Is it possible to choose a belief that "if it's to be, it's up to me" and begin to embody a new social responsibility of extending love and peace?


In 2007, Jo embarked on her journey of Gratitude when she "bumped" into an older gentleman in a Florida airport. In that improbable instant, Jo's life direction and purpose changed forever. She invented the TOFA token, a token of appreciation that is given to someone who makes a difference in your day. The tokens are uniquely numbered and can be tracked online as they are paid forward. Today, there are more than 25,000 tokens in circulation. Subsequent to this unlikely "wakeup call," Jo has traveled the U.S. sharing her story and encouraging and inspiring people to live a life filled with Joy and Gratitude. She embodies the concept of change and growth as being FUN, not scary. 

In August 2010, Jo founded the Gratitude Training, a four-month leadership program that creates leaders who want to make a difference in the world by "being the change." To date, more than 15,000 people have completed her curriculum, and as a result, a community of likeminded individuals has emerged, a community that calls themselves "The Gratitude Community."