Affiliate Program

An abundant way to transform the world

At we believe that when we all win, the world wins. We are proud of our offerings and want to share them with a large, global audience.

The quickest way to reach our vision of creating Peace on the planet is by creating a massive movement by inspiring people to lead from love in their daily lives, and as a result be the source for others to do the same.

Let’s face it, given the current times, leading from love in our every day life doesn’t always come naturally. Sometimes we need that extra inspiration and the tools available to remember who we are and step back into our authentic, vulnerable and powerful selves.

We want to reward you for your alignment and contribution to this movement.

As a Gratitude Academy Affiliate, or GAA, you will earn an affiliate commission from all the future leaders you enroll into our courses. We have decided to start out with a generous 30% of the course sales generated as a result from your own personalized affiliate link.

Right from the start you would earn $200 for ONE person enrolled into [re] WIRED for Peace at full price (or $100 at our webinar special price)!


In order to become an affiliate, you must…

  • Be a graduate of [re] WIRED for Peace or Part 1 of the Gratitude Training.
  • Have your own Paypal Account for commission payments.


You win, we win, the world wins!

Your affiliate commission is calculated for the actual sales you generate by using your affiliate links. The more sales you generate over time, the higher your commission.

Over time sales       % Commission
$0 < $5K   30%
$5K < $20K   40%
$20K+   50%


We pride ourselves in the brand we have created. It is essential to us that all affiliates adhere to our branding guidelines to create a unified message and movement. We will provide a branded landing page for you and Social posts, Email templates, Advertisements, and additional Landing Pages, upon request.

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