What is the Gratitude Training and who is it for? Read our Frequently Asked Questions and Testimonials from our graduates.


Someone you care about completed the Gratitude Training and they keep asking you to go. You may be a little skeptical and it's hard to believe that any training could be as powerful as they seem to think. You wonder, why does the training work? Is this for me?


We want you to have questions. Powerful leaders ask powerful questions. Even though you may believe this training is powerful and can support you in living a life of no regrets, you still want more information or check in on the facts about rumors that you have heard.


Read testimonials from people that have taken the trainings and get an idea of what is possible. The Gratitude Training supports people to create extraordinary results. Many graduates take new ground in areas they didn't even realize would catapult them into an unprecedented future.


The Gratitude Trainings are experiential. They are designed for you to experience yourself in any given "life" situation. Through a myriad of exercises, games, lectures, sharing, small group work, closed-eye processes and other interactions, the students have an opportunity to experience how they respond or react to life. We focus on having each student see for themselves what underlying belief systems and stories support them in their life and which don't. This awareness creates new possibilities to be at choice, rather than on automatic. 

Think of it this way. We create a safe environment where all your buttons can be pushed. We do this so you can see for yourself when you are triggered and how you respond or react to such triggers. The training is not out to get you, it is simply designed for you to see "how you do you" - neutrally.


Gratitude Training is an experiential learning program that consists of 25% lecture, 25% sharing and 50% experiential exercises such as the following:

Ground Rules

The purpose of Ground Rules is to assist the group in working cooperatively within a consistent framework. On the first day of the workshop, the trainer will review the Ground Rules and ask you to agree to them as a condition for participating in the workshop.

Show me the Ground Rules

Interactive Discussions

The trainer will present various topics relevant to living in the 2000's. In these discussions the trainer will discuss a particular point of view about these subjects. The purpose is not for you to agree or disagree with what is said, but rather to assist you in observing how you relate to these particular subjects. In observing yourself in the training, you can learn about your principles, commitments, and relationships.


A dyad is a one-on-one interaction with another participant. You may be asked to answer a series of questions, tell a story, complete sentences, or assume a particular body stance. You will have the opportunity to look directly at personal issues and to support your dyad partner in doing the same.


A mingle exercise involves moving throughout the room while having short interactions with many people. As in dyads, the communication you have with other people during a mingle is structured.

Small Group Exercises

At the start of the workshop you will choose a small group with an average of 8-12 other participants. During the 4 days of the workshop, you will meet with your small group to discuss and share what you are learning as well as to participate in other experiential exercises. A volunteer staff member will act as facilitator for your group.


Closed-Eye Processes

During a closed-eye process the trainer will guide you through a creative visualization. Frequently music and the lowering of lights are used during these processes to facilitate relaxation and promote creativity.


You will, as part of a group, play games to reveal the competitive and cooperative strategies you use, and also to illuminate the possibility of meeting both group and individual commitments throughout your life.


Throughout the workshop you will have the opportunity to learn about yourself through communication: speaking about what you are learning, and listening to the experiences of others. Such sharing occurs one-on-one, in small groups, or in front of the entire workshop group.

Interactions with the Trainer

At times you may have direct interaction with the trainer. The trainer will relate to you from the perspective that you are capable of effectively handling the circumstances in your life and that you are committed to extraordinary accomplishments. The trainer will also ask you to take personal responsibility rather than being powerless in the face of life's obstacles. Interactions with the trainer are an opportunity for you to examine the limitations of your worldview; therefore you may feel challenged, anxious or uncomfortable in going outside of your comfort zone.



At the close of each day you will be given a homework assignment to be completed before the next session begins. The homework is designed for you to continue your discovery, bring greater clarity to what you are learning, and prepare you for the next day's session.


Food and Rest

During the 4-day session, it is important that you get sufficient rest and food. Every 2 to 4 hours there will be a 20-30 minute break. In addition, during the 2 full days, there is one meal break each day for approximately 1-1/2 hours in the late afternoon. Be sure to eat a sustaining meal each day before coming to the workshop. You may need to adjust your schedule to be assured of getting sufficient sleep. This is your personal responsibility. Without sufficient food and rest, your training experience will be diminished. Please arrange your schedule accordingly.



Dr. Barry M Warren

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Dr. Barry M. Warren has been involved in Personal Growth and Transformational Trainings in one capacity or another since 1983 when he first sought out coaching for his business/practice as a chiropractic physician.

Christopher DeSanti

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Christopher DeSanti is an International Trainer and Director of Enrollment for the Gratitude Trainings. His background stems from a sudden shift in awakening at the age of sixteen where his life took on a clear purpose of self-realization and discovery. 

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