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Gratitude Training Join us for Gratitude Training and experience working with the superstars of personal transformation.

Our Next Scheduled Trainings:
West Palm Beach, FL -- October 23 (Part 1); November 5 (Part 2)
Ft Lauderdale, FL -- October 30 (Part 1); November 12 (Part 2)

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Dates and Cost of the next Gratitude Training

Gratitude Training

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Feature 1

Gratitude Training

Down through history there have been seers, sages and prophets who have enlightened their time. Religions and philosophies have come and faded. We seem a forgetful race. Discover why “thinking out of the box” has become a cliché - often used but mostly misunderstood. What if there was an easy, fun and exciting way to reorient your world view that supported you in reaching deferred goals, to experience deserved pleasure or capture an elusive feeling of Joy. Wouldn’t you want to be there?

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Feature 2

Gratitude Training is excited to announce the expansion into a new city…Fort Lauderdale, Florida! The first training in Fort Lauderdale will be held October 30-November 2, 2014.

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Our Story

Learn more about how the Gratitude Training was born and how Jo Englesson, Founder of TOFA - Token of Appreciation, embarked on a journey of Gratitude.

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The next FREE Guest Evening

Introduction to Gratitude
September 6, 2014 11:30am
Palm Beach County Convention Center

Join us for a FREE introductory event where you have the opportunity to find out more about the Gratitude Trainings.

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Dr. Barry M. Warren

Dr. Barry M. Warren has been involved in Personal Growth and Transformational Trainings in one capacity or another since 1983 when he first sought out coaching for his business/practice as a chiropractic physician. Kathy Benson At that time he was already a professor, teaching at the New York Chiropractic College and, at the same time, running a very successful practice of his own. In early 1988 he took his first experiential training (the work that The Gratitude Training is) and it changed his life forever.

He continued to practice chiropractic but also began a journey of study that has taken him through many disciplines, many trainings, as well as being Certified As a Master Leader and Personal Coach after training with “Direct Impact” under the direction of master transformational trainer Micheal Strassner; Director of Direct Impact of Fort Lauderdale, Florida and, thereafter, attending the Graduate (Transformational) Trainers’ Forum; a training course for the training of transformational trainers run by master trainers Dr. Ray Blanchard and Betty Spruill.

In addition to facilitating here at the Gratitude Trainings, he delivers trainings/workshops on Personality Styles and Leadership. He also works full time as a coach and senior consultant for The Masters Circle; an international coaching company. With The Masters Circle he works with health professionals in the USA, Europe, the middle east, Central and South America to support them in building and maintaining successful and balanced practices/businesses and lives.

He has a (BFA) Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the New York Institute of Technology and a Doctorate from the New York Chiropractic College. He lives in South Florida with his wife of 30 years, Carol, and his 3 dogs. He has 3 wonderful grown children who are successful and on their own journeys.

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Our next upcoming Gratitude Trainings (Part 1 & 2)

West Palm Beach
Part 1:
Oct 23-26, 2014
Part 2: Nov 5-9, 2014
Cost: $1,400 for both
Part 1: $600
(Integrity Pass $300)
Part 2: $1,250
Palm Beach County Convention Center
Fort Lauderdale
Part 1:
Oct 30-Nov 2, 2014
Part 2: Nov 12-16, 2014
Cost: $1,400 for both
Part 1: $600
(Integrity Pass $300)
Part 2: $1,250
Ramada Inn Fort Lauderdale Airport

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Gratitude Show

The Gratitude Show is a “Live Life to the Fullest” celebration of love, life and gratitude. Classified as an Edutainment “show” – it is a 4 hour mix of education and entertainment.

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